Voice Controlled Tank

The only real tank that listens to voice commands.

Who am I?

My name is Sam Wolfs, a student at GO! Atheneum De Tandem Eeklo and I am going in the direction of 6 Informatica Beheer. My greatest passion in this profession is all about software security and that is why I chose Computer Cyber ​​Crime Security in HOWEST Brugge to follow already. A quote that will follow me all my life goes as follows: Behind every successful Coder there and even more successful De-coder to understand that code.


Every student from TSO, BSO and KSO has a GIP (Integrated Test), which is part of the exam program of the last year. The student must prove that he can independently deliver an assignment in his field. I decided to make a tank that can move based on voice input. For example: Lippy, forward.

Why this choice?

I have been interested in speech and face recognition since I was a child, so I chose a number of projects that had to do with it. In the end I decided to make the tank. I find it very impressive that in this be able to apply this technology for some time. For example, people with physical disabilities may find speech recognition very useful.

How does it work?

We use a GSM and Google Assistant to recognize our speech. When we give a command for example: Forward, Lippy. this command is forwarded to Adafruit.io who can understand the code. This sends the code via WiFi through to the WiFi controller that is on the tank on this is a code that translates the command for the motor driver and thus can control the motors.








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